Monday, April 17, 2017

What it Means to be Clairvoyant

clairvoyant abilities and third-eye perceptionWhen someone says they’re clairvoyant, do you know what they mean? It’s a term that has been
around for a while, but has an elusive, vague definition around it. Here’s what it means to be clairvoyant and the different type of abilities they possess.

When someone says they’re clairvoyant, they have the ability to receive information regarding a person, place, or event through visions. These visions often take form of colors, images, symbols, and other visualizations that give them an intuitive understanding of what’s happening around them. In many cases, these visions are things that are hidden or haven’t been revealed to the rest of the world just yet, and the clairvoyant is able to sense it beforehand.

With being a clairvoyant, there’s also different ways they receive their information most frequently. Someone who hears things as opposed to seeing them interprets this information through clairaudience. A person who receives this type of information via their feelings or senses gets it through clairsentience. Someone who receives this information strongly in their “gut” or feels deeply intuitive information throughout their entire body obtains this through claircognizance.

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Psychics & Mediums – The Difference Between the Two

the difference between psychics and mediumsDeciding to talk to someone who has a spiritual capability to predict, read, or see things in your life without knowing you can be very difficult. However, knowing if you’d like to talk to a psychic, a medium, or someone who considers themselves to be both is your first step. Here are some facts about the difference between psychics and mediums, and how to decide which to seek out for guidance.


The word “psychic” is often misunderstood with someone being a medium, and vice versa. The term psychic is used when talking about a spiritual guide that receives information about people based on their energy. Psychics are often people who obtain a variety of different senses, such as the ability to read tarot cards, view past, present, and future events, as well as potentially having a form of telekinesis. They are usually there as a guide and window into the future for some people, and often will give insight into financial, relationship, and health matters.


Mediums are different from psychics in a few ways. Mainly, mediums have the ability to communicate with the dead and take on certain feelings, emotions, and personality traits of the person who is trying to communicate from the grave. Mediums are essentially the middle man that bridges the gap between the living world and the dead world, with the ability to communicate with both through a certain frequency that most people are unable to hear.

It’s common that someone is not only a psychic but a medium as well.  However, these two types of spiritual guides can either be one or the other as well. It’s important to decide on what you’d like to receive out of a reading before moving forward with contacting a psychic or medium.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What is Chakra Healing?

chakra healing crystalsHave you ever had a day where you and your partner are not in sync? This could be days where you’re picking fights with each other, are experiencing jealousy, and are insecure with your relationship. Did you know that this could be related to one of your chakras? Chakra healing can be beneficial in matters of the heart, your financial situation, or if you’re experiencing a physical ailment as well. Here’s the rundown on what chakra healing is and how it can be beneficial to your life.

What are Chakras?

While you may not see it, everything in our environment is emitting energy. The epicenters of this energy are our chakras, and we as humans have seven main centers that house different types of energy. If these centers of energy are thrown off, we could lose our balance dependent on where they lie in our body. For example the fourth chakra, which is also known as the Heart Chakra, is imbalanced when you’re experiencing issues with relationships, as well as physical ailments with your lungs, heart, and shoulders. When this chakra is balanced, you experience good feelings such as happiness, compassion, and empathy.

Balancing and Healing Chakras

When it comes to healing or balancing our chakras that are not aligned, there are certain steps that one can take to get them back to their correct state. Many times, people turn to the help of a psychic or spiritual consultant to help heal their chakras; however there are simple moves you can make to help with this process.

Affirmations, or certain statements that are said to help encourage strength, are extremely beneficial in cleansing chakras. In the example above with the Heart Chakra, one can help to heal their imbalance here by saying the affirmation, “I am worthy of love and accepting of love. I will lovely unconditionally and deserve the same.”

Outside of affirmations, you can help to heal your chakras by meditating, massage, and color vibration.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What to Expect Before Your First Psychic Tarot Reading

Are you getting ready for your first psychic tarot reading? If you are, you’re probably unsure of what
psychic tarot card reading tips
to expect before you go. Here are some things you can anticipate before you attend your first reading.

Moments of silence – When you’re attending your first reading with a psychic, it’s important to realize that there will be occasional moments of silence between you both. This happens for a variety of different reasons, whether the psychic is also a medium and is connecting with a spirit or the psychic is trying to listen to themselves and what the card is reading. This isn’t a bad thing at all and should signal that your psychic is trying to give you the most accurate reading possible, so prepare for moments when there’s not much going on.

Honesty – While it’s important for you to be upfront and honest with your psychic during a reading, it will also be important for you to accept their honesty as well. This may come in the form of being told something that’s uncomfortable or that you don’t want to hear from your psychic, but is necessary to an accurate reading. Being open to honesty is something that is important for you to be before your first reading, whatever that may entail.

Being told what you already know – Many people think that upon their first psychic tarot reading, their psychic knows everything about them already. While that’s true to an extent, the purpose of a reading isn’t to navigate you and figure out your path, it’s to guide you down the right one. Intuitively, the information provided to you by your psychic could be things you already know, but certainly need to hear. Allow yourself to be open to this portion of the reading, as it can help you in the long run.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Common Reasons People Turn To Love Psychics

Couple holding each other
Do you have a question you are dying to ask a love psychic? There may be a person or situation in your life causing you to be excited, nervous, uncertain or frustrated. Interpreting these feelings can be hard and doing it on your own can be lonely.

People who are stumped or lost in love often turn to psychics for insight. Here are some common situations where you might want a love tarot reading to help make sense of your life.

Falling for someone – When you are struck by Cupid’s bow and filled with joy at the thought of another, it can be tough to figure out your next move. You might wonder how the object of your affection will respond or how you can hold their attention.

Feeling the pain of unrequited love – Suffering alone when your heart aches for someone is awful. You may have confessed these feelings or be able to sense a lack or reciprocation without even exchanging words. 

Facing a struggle in a current relationship – Conflict is an inevitable part of any relationship and sometimes communication grows so tense that huge barriers are put up. Where you once felt comfort, there is now distance.

Uncertainty when there are multiple love interests – While having multiple interests may sound enticing, it can actually feel terrible. The thought of disappointing one person, making the wrong choice or simply being unable to choose is a huge emotional weight to bear.

Whatever your heart is feeling, it’s up to you to decide if you want guidance. A love psychic may be able to help you on your journey for love.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

What to Expect from a Phone Psychic

Choosing a psychic can be over-whelming. You might be unsure of where to find one and what to
Phone and tree
expect from a session where you speak to a psychic by phone. You can prepare yourself by doing some homework and knowing what to expect.

If online, check the About Us page and read about the person you will be speaking with. Look through the website to find out more about who they are and what they do.

Be cautious if you are only given good or bad news. When psychics speak only about good or bad topics, you might want to be suspicious. Most conversations should have some of both, as life is full of good and bad fortune. The conversation will have be honest, dealing with what’s going on in your world

After you speak with a psychic by phone, this person should have encouraged independence and growth. If you feel pressured to be totally dependent upon psychic readings for are your decisions, by wary about your psychic. A real love psychic will evaluate relationships and share insights.

They help identify negative energy and how to face difficult situations. They may be guided by intuition and sensation when they respond to your questions and observations. A psychic wants to help you move forward with your life. 

Friday, December 30, 2016

3 Ways to Tell You’re Speaking to a Real Psychic

crystal ball
When you are ready to make that call and talk to a real love psychic, you may worry about what the person on the other end will be like. How can you tell if it is a person is authentic and really going to listen to you? Here is a guide for recognizing signs the psychic is legitimate.
  1.  Beware of Extravagant, False Promises. Many people walk away from psychic sessions feeling clarity about the future. But, this is different from talking to someone who misleads you with a promise that they know the future with absolute certainty, can heal ailments or guarantee good fortune in your life. 
  2. Avoid Someone Who Will Prey on You With Fear Tactics. A real psychic will not exploit your vulnerability, making you afraid and manipulating you to pay for excessive sessions.  Trying to make you fearful or upset about your life is not the goal of a session.
  3. Look Out for Someone Claiming to Be a Doctor, Lawyer or Deity. While psychics guide people in many ways, they do not have the ability to understand medicine, defend you in court or totally control the universe. Watch for claims that are outside their scope.
Meeting with a real psychic should assist you on a path toward healing, insight and discovery.